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'I just laughed so hard': People are noticing something odd about Kirsten Gillibrand's apron in this photo

So, the AP did an interview with 2020 presidential candidate Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand that focused on her role as a mom, including this totally normal dinner they photographed her cooking for her kids:


From the article:

Kirsten Gillibrand had a flurry of pots on the stove and steak, haddock, peas, steamed vegetables and rice on the menu.

She had a cable news appearance coming up in a few hours, but for now, her 10-year-old son entertained the family goldendoodle, Maple, a few feet away.

The New York senator was game to talk about motherhood, leadership, her policies and her pursuit of the nation’s highest office, she told a reporter. But first she needed to save dinner.

“I need to focus, because I’m about to burn the fish,” she said. “I’ve reached my point of capacity.”

You know, she’s just a working mom who, like working moms everywhere, prepares steak and fish for their kids most nights of the week. Pro-tip: Measure the fish before sticking it in the pan:

Now, go back and look at her apron in the above photo. Notice the crease? It’s brand new?


What an absolute “phony”:

Even the dog’s not buying it:

But we do admit they were are totally jealous of that kitchen:



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