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Actress who joined #BoycottDelta over video ALSO cut her hair so she wouldn't look like Melania Trump

Is there any actress more triggered right now by the events of 2016 than Olivia Wilde?

First up, she joined the #BoycottDelta movement after that stupid video from YouTube hoaxster Adam Saleh that we’ve been telling you about:


And two days ago she posted a video to Instagram of her new haircut with the hashtag, “#nomoremelaniahair”:

People magazine called Melania and Wilde “long lost hair twin,” so the similarity must have been too much for the fragile actress to bear:

If you haven’t noticed Wilde and Melania Trump’s hair similarities before, we did a deep dive and found that they really could be long lost hair twins. They both have the same long length of chestnut brown strands with subtle blonde highlights at the ends, and they often style it the exact same way — with long, loose face-framing waves.

But back to Wilde and her Delta boycott. Greg Gutfeld has some things to say about it:


And she never will.



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