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When will Univ. of Del. president apologize for jumping to conclusions and calling the fake nooses a ‘racist display’?

As we reported earlier, University of Delaware President Nancy Targett was quick to call the fake nooses found on campus a “racist display” and a “hate crime.” Here’s the email she sent to students before any real facts were known on what was found, via Fusion:



And last night she called it a “hate crime” in a tweet:

It’s doubtful, however, we’ll hear anything close to apology for her rush to judgement. As a matter of fact, there’s a “campuswide gathering” scheduled for tonight to — well, we don’t really know what they’re gong to gather about. Maybe to celebrate there wasn’t a hate crime on campus?


Stand with President Targett to celebrate Delaware’s lack of racism!



BUSTED: Shaun King deletes tweet on the fake nooses at the University of Delaware [screenshot]

‘Nooses’ spotted at Univ. of Del. after Katie Pavlich’s speech disrupted by #BlackLivesMatter protest [photos]; Update: Not a hate crime. Hooks were for paper lanterns


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