As Sen. John Cornyn continues to be the target of some conservatives over his leading role in negotiating the bipartisan gun law making its way through the Senate right now. . .

. . . a new Morning Consult poll may be a shock to some Republicans. “43% of Texas voters — and 68% of Republicans — approve of Cornyn’s job performance, unchanged since the Uvalde shooting”:

It appears all of those activists at the GOP convention who booed Sen. Cornyn were an outlier:

One in five Dems approves of him, too. From the poll:

  • A 43% plurality of Texas voters approve of Cornyn’s job performance, unchanged from surveys conducted just before the May 24 mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, that prompted the latest gun control push on Capitol Hill. Just over a third (36%) disapprove of him, up 1 percentage point over that time frame.
  • Positive sentiment about Cornyn also hasn’t changed among Republicans, 68% of whom approve of his job performance. But since his involvement in the bipartisan gun legislation, the share who disapprove increased from 11% to 17%.
  • A third of independents (34%) in the Lone Star State approve of Cornyn, along with about 1 in 5 Democrats (22%).

Meanwhile, Sen. Corny is still lobbying for the bill among his Republican colleagues, reportedly telling them all the the “areas where the NRA got what it wanted”:


And money for “hardening schools” and mental health funding: