The New York Times reported on Friday that after the fallout from Taylor Lorenz’s article on the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial, the Washington Post moved her “from the features staff to the technology team” and that “Cameron Barr, the WaPo’s No. 2 editor, has been asked to review her articles before publication”:

Boy, it went from being a right-wing conspiracy to having the No. 2 editor “babysit her” right quick:

It does sound like they are “starting to grasp the magnitude of their optics problem”:

And it sure sounds like Lorenz was moved internally over what happened with David Malitz, the editor who reportedly triggered the multiple corrections on the article. He had his promotion at the Washington Post pulled after the incident but WaPo executive editor Sally Buzbee won’t say why:

Before the corrections, Ms. Buzbee had offered the well-respected editor, David Malitz, a promotion to run the features department, according to one person with knowledge of the offer. He had agreed to take it. But several days later, Ms. Buzbee pulled the offer.

In the meeting with the features group, Ms. Buzbee fielded angry questions about Mr. Malitz’s treatment. She said he was “in no way reprimanded or punished for any errors,” according to a copy of notes taken at the meeting, but would not say what was behind her decision. She said she couldn’t talk about personnel issues.

LOL. Now we can’t do posts on articles in the New York Times?

The NYT also reported that the executive editor Buzbee is still “facing internal strife” at the paper:

And we expect it will get worse for her as the company’s new social media policy is vague, at best: