With Chesa Boudin getting recalled as San Francisco District Attorney on Tuesday and with Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón in the on-deck recall circle, we’re starting to see a bunch of articles calling out rich liberals for actually giving a crap about crime and homelessness and open-air drug use in their communities.

Such as this one in Slate on “how much rich people in LA let pure hatred for homeless people shape their politics. It’s disgusting, depressing, and worrying”:

You see, it’s not a “hellscape” they argue in the article:

It’s just that these rich Dems who fund Dems around the country just hate homeless people:

Wait until November then you’ll see some REAL DEPRESSION among Dems:

A different article argued that “white liberal homeowners are playing into the growing rightwing backlash to the George Floyd protest and BLM movement”:

And this, apparently, includes true-blue liberal Patricia Arquette who has fallen under our rightwing spell:

What’s amazing to us is all these dude-bro reporters telling women not to be scared walking the streets of their cities. If Patricia Arquette doesn’t pass their purity test, what liberal woman would?

Don’t believe your eyes, Patty. Trust the science!

And this is just the proverbial chef’s kiss:



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