If you didn’t really follow the Johnny Depp–Amber Heard trial that closely, then you missed out on the major subplot of the case: How it’s all the ACLU’s fault.

From Glenn Greenwald:

“One fact that clearly emerged from the trial: the Amber Heard op-ed in the @washingtonpost that the jury just found defamed Johnny Depp was ghost-written by @ACLU, after Heard promised to pay them $7 million (a promise she never fulfilled). They have a lot to answer for.”

They DO have a lot to answer for:

“(More accurately: Heard promised to pay $3.5m of her $7m settlement from Depp to the ACLU, and failed to fulfill that promise. She remains [an] ACLU Ambassador and the testimony established that the ACLU ghost-wrote considerable parts of the defamatory WPost op-ed about Depp).”

Law professor Lara Bazelon, who wrote a devastating take down of the ACLU just days ago for The Atlantic, added that it’s the ACLU who is the “real loser” in the trial:

The ACLU attacked her over it, too:

She added:

“If the ACLU had been representing Amber Heard, their actions would have been malpractice; at their urging she signed an op-ed they wrote that contained allegations a jury found to be false. As it is, they have embarrassed themselves and betrayed their core principles.”

They really have lost their way:

Read the whole thing here: