According to new reporting from KHOU 11’s Jeremy Rogalski, the suspected Uvlade gunman, Salvador Ramos, was not wearing body armor during yesterday’s school massacre:

“After inspecting the decease suspect’s clothing, Ramos was not wearing body armor but only a plate carrier with not ballistic armor inside, per the law enforcement briefing to state senators. ”

There will need to be a lot of corrections if the KHOU 11 report holds up:

According to this same briefing, Ramos legally purchased two rifles shortly after his 18th birthday:

“Suspected shooter Salvador Ramos legally purchased two AR platform rifles on May 17th and May 20th (the week of his 18th birthday), per a law enforcement briefing to TX state senators.”

And one of the rifles was left in the truck he crashed before he entered the school:

“One of the rifles he had purchased was left in a truck Ramos crashed near Robb Elementary. The other rifle (a Daniel Defense) was located in the school with the suspect. On May 18th, the suspect purchased 375 rounds of 5.56 ammo. ”

“According to the briefing, the supsect dropped a backpack with several magazines near the school entrance. Inside, there were at least seven 30-round magazines.”



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