Elon Musk tweeted last night that “[c]hronological tweets seem much better than what ‘the algorithm,'” which suggest he will hopefully make major changes to the Twitter timeline when/if he takes charge of the social media platform:

He did tell his followers how to switch to Twitter’s current chronological timeline view now if they didn’t already know about it:

“Tap on the stars in upper right of screen to revert to chronological.”

We do wonder how many people even know about the little stars at the top right, including the people who, you know, regulate Big Tech:

This would be an excellent move:

Now, if we can get Facebook and Instagram to follow his lead, we’re getting somewhere:

And imagine the panic at Twitter HQ right now among all the engineers who work on “the algorithm” that their future CEO says sucks?

But booting “the algorithm” altogether would likely hamper Twitter’s ability to manage the content it shows to people, both good and bad:

And nobody really seems to know if the chronological timeline is *really* a chronological timeline anyway. It can still be manipulated:

Hopefully, when/if Musk takes charge, he will give us some transparency as to what went down in the before times:



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