There are a couple of things that jump right out at you in this tweet from Gothamist: 1: Why the everloving f*** are abortion activists going to spend a single penny in New York to keep abortion legal? And 2: What’s a “thunderstorm of boats”?

First up, on the New York aspect of the tweet. They’re serious:

Hochul also pledged to make New York a “safe harbor” for abortions, drawing a sharp contrast with the leading Republican gubernatorial challenger, Long Island Rep. Lee Zeldin, who opposes most abortions and last week embraced the idea of having a “pro-life” state health commissioner.

Women’s rights advocates say that mobilizing voters around reproductive rights is a no-brainer, especially in New York. The state legalized abortion in 1970, three years before Roe v. Wade. A New York Times analysis of polls taken over the past decade found that 63% of residents believe abortion should be legal.

Please, please do this, Dems:

Maybe they’ll eventually figure out why they keep losing? But not today:

Now, on the “thunderstorm of boats” thing. . .

. . .it’s a typo and should read, a “thunderstorm of votes”:

“There’s gotta be a reckoning and we need a thunderstorm of votes,” Rivera said. “And the only way to do that is by really honing in and meeting voters where they are and telling them that for women, particularly for women of color, it could be a life or death situation.”

But a “thunderstorm of votes” makes no sense, too:

Other than that, good job, everyone.


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