Politico’s Natalie Allison reported on a shocking scene from last night in front of the Supreme Court when one of the people in attendance “just whipped out a can of White Claw”:

“A couple hundred people, most in their 20s and 30s, are now outside SCOTUS. There’s still not yet any organized protest or chanting, just folks standing around talking. Guy just whipped out a can of White Claw.”

And then the guy with the White Claw had his friend hold his tasty beverage while he did an interview with local news:

“The White Claw guy just asked his friend to hold it while he does a TV news interview.”

The White Claw guy has since been identified as pro-life conservative Nate Hochman who is also a writer for National Review:

“yes I brought white claws to the Supreme Court tonight, no I do not regret it.”



And Hochman made his political leanings and employer crystal clear during the interview:

We expect the journo who interviewed Hochman didn’t know what he was getting:

“Last night, a reporter at the Supreme Court asked me how I felt about the fact that a court of “majority white men” was going to potentially overrule the will of the people Here’s the court that invalidated abortion restrictions in almost every state in the nation in 1973.”




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