On Friday, we told you how multiple media outlets reported that the “Ghost of Kyiv” was shot down and killed in combat against the Russians over a month ago:

The ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ was reportedly shot down and killed last month during an air battle with the Russians

Well, now there’s an update. . .

Ukraine has finally admitted that the “Ghost of Kyiv” was made up:

According to this post on the verified Air Force Command of UA Armed Forces Facebook page, the “Ghost” was a “superhero-legend whose character was created by Ukrainians!”:

Once again, we ask the Ukrainian community NOT to neglect the basic rules of information hygiene, not to issue the desired one valid, to check the sources of information, before spreading it.
❗️ Hero of Ukraine Stepan Tarabalka is NOT “Ghost of Kiev” and he did NOT hit 40 planes.
On March 13, 2022, Major Stepan Tarabalka was heroically killed in an air battle with the dominant forces of the Russian occupiers. Here is the information about him on our official website: https://www.facebook.com/kpszsu/posts/339462291555059
Ghost of Kiev is a superhero-legend whose character was created by Ukrainians! This is a faster collected image of pilots of the 40th Air Force tactical aviation brigade, who protect the sky of the capital. What suddenly appear where they are not expected!
❗️ Military pilots are not yet studying abroad on F-16, as much as we all want it.
No official statement on this matter has been published in the media!
❗️ Well, and in the end, for especially creative – American bombers too do not fly over Ukraine!
Keep calm and use official sources of information.
🇺🇦 Glory to Ukraine!
🖊 Public Relations Service Command Air Force Armed Forces of Ukraine
Now, will every blue-check who cheered this on admit they were duped by disinformation?

Define “successful,” please. Because there should be a lot of embarrassed U.S. journos right now:

Yes, please do email him back:


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