Los Angels Dodgers star pitcher Clayton Kershaw was pulled from today’s game against the Minnesota Twins in the 7th inning despite being in the midst of throwing a perfect game;

Here’s the moment it happened:

And for some context, if you’re not following MLB right now:

Fans, as you might imagine, were pissed:

Twitchy regular Aaron Rupar was at the game and caught some of the booing on video:

Yankees legend Reggie Jackson was quite miffed at the move. Jackson tweeted, “Clayton Kershaw Perfect game 80 pitches, take him OUT !!!!! WHAT THE! what’s the game coming to?1 of the era’s best, and you take him out with a perfect game in the 7th, 7-0 Dodgers winning. Take him OUT! THIS IS BASEBALL PLEASE PEOPLE THAT HAVE NEVER PLAYED GET OUT OF ITS WAY”:

As were many other blue-checks on Twitter. Some examples:

But do you know who doesn’t seem the least bit angry about it all? Clayton Kershaw, that’s who.

He said after the game, “Those are individual things. Those are selfish goals. We’re trying to win, that’s really all we’re here for. As much as I would have wanted to do it, I’ve thrown 75 pitches in a sim game. I hadn’t gone 6 innings, let alone 7”:

And he said Dodgers manager Dave Roberts made “the right choice”:

What a great answer. . .

. . . and a great outing:

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