New York City Mayor Eric Adams is the latest attendee at the Gridiron Dinner superspreader event in D.C. to now test positive for Covid:

His press secretary tweeted earlier on Sunday that the mayor “woke up with a raspy voice and, out of an abundance of caution, took a PCR test that has come back positive” and  “he is already isolating and will be canceling all public events for the week”:

He will also take “anti-viral meds” despite having “no other symptoms”:

For what it’s worth he tested negative on a rapid test earlier in the day:

The mayor, despite attending the known superspreader event in D.C., was spotted maskless at a number of events over the past few days:

He was on hand for opening day in the Bronx, too:

And here he is — unmasked — meeting with people with disabilities and elderly actor Robert DeNiro:

You know, maybe — JUST MAYBE — the guy who won’t lift the mask mandate on toddlers should have worn a mask after attending an event with dozens of cases, but nope:

What a freaking hypocrite. Maybe he can explain the “science” behind why toddlers need to wear masks but peopl in close contact with Covid+ individuals do not:



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