Meanwhile, in Shanghai, we’re at the stage of lockdown where “health care workers” are now literally beating pet dogs to death with shovels after they send the Covid-positive owners into quarantine:

Warning: Graphic footage:

Oh, and authorities attempted to justify the killing by saying maybe the dog was infected, too. From CNN:

“In the end, I thought I could let (the corgi) loose outside to become a stray, at least it wouldn’t starve to death,” the owner wrote in an online group, explaining he had no dog food left at home, according to China News Weekly. “I never thought once we had left, it would be beaten to death.”

He claimed a neighborhood committee had declined to help care for the dog, the magazine reported. The committee said it was concerned the corgi could have been infected too.

And the dog murder is reportedly not an isolated incident:

Some residents of Shanghai are also experiencing food shortages:

Can people in America please stop praising China now? Pretty-please? This is insane:

And, as you might expect, China’s censors are working overtime to keep the truth from coming out:

Hey, keep going with that whole “Zero Covid” BS. You’re doing great, China!

And that’s exactly what they’re doing:


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