You can’t make this up.

The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg said that critics of his disinformation conference who, you know, accurately confronted panelists at the event about the disinformation they shared and promoted in the past, are the ones *really* spreading disinformation.

“I think one darkly humorous but inevitable measurement of our success is that our disinformation conference has been the subject of a disinformation campaign on social media already,” he said:

How the f*** is asking “about why [The Atlantic] printed disinformation about Hunter Biden” disinformation?

This is “performance art”:

And here’s Mollie Hemingway pointing out that Goldberg’s disinformation problem goes way beyond Hunter Bien:

This is their game as it’s designed to just shut down debate:

Mary Katharine Ham wants to know what she’s missing because this is the exact kind of behavior we should be encouraging from young people in college:


Daniel Schmidt, the Senior Editor of @ThinkerChicago and a freshman at the University of Chicago, said on Fox News that “These people come to these university events, expecting no resistance expecting students to just sort of worship them and ask easygoing questions, and when you even just tug at them a little bit, they clearly feel threatened”:

Taken down, by a freshman:

Thanks for proving their point, Jeffrey!



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