Her tweet was only public for a short while, but Rep. Aynaa Pressley — who also has alopecia like Jada Pinkett Smith — thanked Will Smith for standing up for his wife and slapping “the s***” out of comedian Chris Rock who made a bald joke at Jada’s expense last night at the Oscars.

ICYMI, here’s the uncensored clip from Japan we posted last night:

And here’s the deleted tweet:

Yes, it’s real

Rep. Pressley was quickly called out for “celebrating” the “violent act” because she’s an elected official:

Rep. Jamaal Bowman of New York also deleted his hot take on the incident:

Bowman’s office is claiming, however, that a staffer did it under the assumption it was staged:

Yeah, sure. It does look like Smith has his defenders who will stay silent in public about it. From former Kamala Harris staffer Symone D. Sanders:

“Hitting people is good, now?”

What’s strange about this all is that Chris Rock made a movie about Black women and their hair so he KNEW how this would go over:

And as for what comes next. . .

Chris Rock is not filing a police report so any fallout will be Hollywood related:

And scene.



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