Bill Kristol is getting dragged pretty good right now over this tweet from earlier today where he compared Joe Biden’s “For God’s sake, [Russian President Vladimir Putin] cannot remain in power” to Ronald Reagan’s “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” line from his speech in 1987 at the Brandenburg Gate in West Berlin because both lines, according to him, are “‘Gaffes’ by U.S. Presidents, per the foreign policy establishment”:

But Kristol is wrong in one major way and we all see it. It’s not the foreign policy establishment who says what Biden said is a gaffe. They appear to AGREE with it. It’s the WHITE HOUSE that’s saying Biden didn’t mean what he said:

Kristol — and others — are literally celebrating something the White House says isn’t true because THEY want it to be true:

And nobody in the Reagan White House walked it back:

This is “not even close to being similar/historic”:

We’d really like Peter Robinson, the guy who wrote this speech, to weigh in:

What’s even worse is that Kristol is “not this dumb.” It’s just s*itposting:




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