A new Reuters/Ipsos poll found that 74% of Americans want “NATO to “set up ‘no-fly zones’ to protect Ukraine from Russian air strikes”:

From Reuters:

Some 74% of Americans – including solid majorities of Republicans and Democrats – said the United States and its allies in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization should impose a no-fly zone in Ukraine, the poll found.

An equally bipartisan 80% of Americans said the United States should stop buying Russian oil. The White House on Friday said it was weighing cuts to U.S. imports of Russian oil, though it is proceeding cautiously, concerned about a spike in gasoline prices that would add to high inflation.

Moreover, 81% of Americans think Washington should impose additional sanctions on Russia, up from 77% in a Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted on Monday and Tuesday. Support for more sanctions was also bipartisan.

We suspect 74% of Americans do not quite understand the implications of this:

Someone please poll these same folks and ask them, “Should the U.S. shoot down Russian fighter aircraft over Ukraine?”:


“This is madness”:

And it’s another potential propaganda win for Russia:

“Thankfully,” NATO and U.S. officials understand what this means:

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, however, is not happy with NATO’s decision:

And he said, “Every person who dies from today will die because of you”:



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