Well, this is quite the take. What the actual f***?

From the article:

The dangerous and sadly predictable provocation of Russia — whose nuclear arsenal places the sword of Damocles above our heads — by expanding NATO was understood by all of us who reported from Eastern Europe in 1989 during the revolutions and the breakup of the Soviet Union.

This provocation, which includes establishing a NATO missile base 100 miles from Russia’s border, was foolish and highly irresponsible. It never made geopolitical sense. This does not, however, excuse the invasion of Ukraine. Yes, the Russians were baited. But they reacted by pulling the trigger. This is a crime. Their crime. Let us pray for a ceasefire. Let us work for a return to diplomacy and sanity, a moratorium on arms shipments to Ukraine and the withdrawal of Russian troops from the country. Let us hope for an end to war before we stumble into a nuclear holocaust that devours us all.

We told Ukraine to wear longer skirts. What did they think would happen?

And, you’d hope, if this actually were the case that Russia would’ve been smarter about it then, right?

But, alas, we’re dealing with Bond-villain level stuff here:

What a “garbage” take:

And maybe Twitter needs to put one of those “state-sponsored media” warning labels on this article?

“Delete your f*cking account” is good advice:

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