Sen. Joe Manchin is (thankfully) pointing out the obvious to President Joe Biden and other green-energy supporting Dems and calling on the administration to “reverse oil and gas restrictions after [the] Ukraine invasion” as well as an end to imports of “Russian oil & export to NATO.”

“We’re buying 650,000 barrels a day from Russia. It’s ridiculous. Totally ridiculous,” he right said:

“He’s right”:

Manchin also wants “to hear from Biden tomorrow about a plan to stem inflation, energy, and the war”:

That *should* be the message:

There will be pushback from Dems, however:

The United States *exports* over 2.5 million barrels of crude oil every day. We export natural gas, too, more than anyone else. We don’t need to produce more of either. We need to use less. If @Sen_JoeManchin wants to do that, he can call @JohnKerry & @AOC, they’ve got ideas”:

It’s listening to people like AOC and John Kerry that got Europe into this mess in the first place. For example, here’s John Kerry saying out loud that he hopes to work with Vladimir Putin in the future on climate and that he hopes the carbo footprint of the invasion is kept to a minimum:

Full statement  from Sen. Manchin via Fox New’s Chad Pergram:

“While Americans decry what is happening in Ukraine, the United States continues to allow the import of more than half a million barrels per day of crude oil and other petroleum products from Russia during this time of war. This makes no sense at all and represents a clear and present danger to our nation’s energy security. The United States can and must ramp up domestic energy production. If there was ever a time to be energy independent, it is now. I am calling on the Administration and industry partners to take action immediately, up to and including banning crude oil imports from Russia. To continue to rely on Russian energy as they attack Ukraine is senseless.”




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