Axios is reporting this morning that “[t]wo years into the pandemic, the idea of ‘following the science’ has oversimplified what’s actually a complex array of factors that policymakers must weigh in formulating a response” and “[s]cience has been weaponized time and again to justify or defend positions held by both policymakers and public health experts.”

“Even when data is irrefutable, people can disagree on the application of that data and how much value to give other factors”:

And — SURPRISE — all of a sudden the science of masking is up in the air:

  • Similarly, there is no scientific marker for when someone needs to wear a mask. This allows health experts and scientists to be able to disagree on what policy should be while still claiming that they are following the science.

How come it took them so long to figure this out?

What the mean to say is every conservative publication that said the same thing over the past two years was right:

Our side told them this was going to happen

Normal folks saw this coming, too:

Here’s another “helpful” observation from Axio:

And there are a lot of libs who will need to apologize for calling our side “grandma killers” and such, but we doubt that will ever happen:

And this is funny because it’s true: