In a new interview with the New York Times, former ESPN host Jemele Hill wants Spotify to pay a Black podcaster the same type of money the company gave Joe Rogan to prove it’s not racist:

From the New York Times:

“What I would like to see,” Ms. Hill said in an interview, “is for them to hand $100 million to somebody who is Black.”

First up, who knew a company could just hire one person and — POOF! — the racism stigma is gone:

But, more importantly, who would Spotify get that could bring a Joe Rogan-sized audience? Maybe Dave Chapelle:

And who wants to tell Hill that Spotify already has paid out millions to Black podcasters, like Michelle Obama:

She doesn’t count?

They also struck a deal with AvaDuVernay, but she didn’t produce a single episode:

And Spotify has a deal with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle who have only made one podcast:

This might surprise these lib folks, but just creating a podcast out of think air and hoping to attract listeners is rather difficult, as Spotify is now learning:


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