Well, it’s safe to say that Keith Olbermann woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. . .

Here is the former MSNBC anchor trashing MSNBC for hiring Stephanie Ruhle to host the 11 p.m. slot as well as an attack on Joe Scarborough who he compared to German politician Franz Von Papen who is credited with the rise of Adolf Hitler:

A little later in the morning, Olbermann made a sex reference while commenting on a photo of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin dining with former NHL star and broadcaster Ron Duguay:

And Olbermann also got angry at this pretty mild thread from law professor Jonathan Turley where he pointed out that President Joe Biden’s plan to “only consider a black woman for the next [SCOTUS] nomination” is “a threshold gender and race condition the Court itself has found unconstitutional for schools and unlawful for private businesses”:

Olbermann responded by accusing Turley of being a “whore”:

Eat a Snickers, Keith.


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