As we told you earlier, the website to order those free Covid tests that the Biden administration has been promising for months now will go live on January 15:

But it’s worse than that. . .

People are just now fully understanding that the tests won’t even ship for 7-12 days, which means anyone who orders at test is at the mercy of the United States Post Office:

From “Operation Warp Speed” to “Operation Derp Speed” in record time:

So, sure, go with the USPS and not Amazon who specializes in rapid delivery:

And what’s even more amazing is the Biden administration is relying on the organization run by the HATED Trump holdover Louis DeJoy:


They’re literally trying to get him fired at the same time they’re relying on him to save them politically?

And just a few days ago, Jen Psaki called him Louis “delay”:

If they’re mad about how fast medications get delivered, just wait to see what happens when the tests don’t fit in the mailboxes: