We just told you how Sonoma County, Calif. is in full panic mode over Omicron and telling residents to shelter in place over the next 30 days, so why don’t we check in on the county’s southern neighbor, San Francisco. . .

Would you believe that health officials there are the *sane* ones?

These quotes are from Dr. Jeanne Noble, Director of COVID Response, UCSF Emergency Department:

Dr. Noble also said ERs are “flooded with the worried well that are simply seeking testing and reassurance”:

It’s a pandemic of the vaccinated who aren’t even really that sick.

“The vast majority of COVID-plus patients I take care of need no medical care”:

But it’s even worse than that. The “hospital crunch” is not because of Covid cases at al, but because of “‘excessively strict’ quarantine rules for hospital staff”:

Amazing. We’ve gone from firing the unvaccinated who aren’t Covid+ to letting those who test positive for Covid back to work:

Well, it will be a surprise to people in San Francisco, that’s for sure:

Dr. Noble also wants to make sure kids are in school:

Yep. 100% this: