Liberal Squad member Rep. Cori Bush preemptively blamed President Joe Biden for any losses in 2022 because of his refusal to extend the student loan moratorium.

“A note to Democrats who blame progressives after losing an election: Forcing millions to start paying student loans again and cutting off the Child Tax Credit at the start of an election year is not a winning strategy,” she tweeted. “We’re warning you now, don’t point fingers in November”:

This is in response to earlier reporting that student loan repayments will star again on February 1:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren also pointed out that President Biden could extend this right now if he wanted to.

“Pull out a piece of paper and a pen and get it done,” she told the president:

Yes. Yes he is:

The election is about a year away and Dems are already blaming each other. It’s glorious:

As for the child tax credit, the Senate would need to include that in the final BBB bill:

Good luck with that: