The Florida House just passed a COVID-19 vaccine mandate bill for employers who wish to require the jab for employees that has five common-sense exemptions:

These exemptions are: 1. Medical issues, 2.  Sincerely held religious beliefs, 3. Pregnancy, 4. Previous infection, and 5. Or the written consent of the employee to consent to masking or testing, the frequency of which will be determined by DOH.”

Now, was that so hard?

Nest step for the bill is the Senate and then to Gov. Ron DeSantis for his signature:

Of course, Dems are being encouraged to block the law:

The House also voted to strip the Surgeon General of his power to mandate vaccines:

From Florida Politics:

The House voted Wednesday to limit the emergency powers of the state Surgeon General.

Lawmakers passed the measure (HB 7) along a partly line vote. Republican Rep. Alex Andrade is the bill sponsor.

Under a bill passed in 2002, lawmakers granted the state Surgeon General several emergency powers, including the authority to mandate vaccinations “by any means necessary.”

The proposal would eliminate the vaccine mandate power and leave remaining powers untouched — allowing the Surgeon General to forcefully examine, test, treat and quarantine an individual during a public health emergency. The Surgeon General is an appointed role.

“This is not an indictment of vaccines,” Andrade told lawmakers. “This is an indictment of the vast abuses of executive power that we have seen across this country.”


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