CNN contributor and former Clinton sex-scandal spinmaster Joe Lockhart is very troubled by the Southwest pilot who allegedly ended a routine announcement with, “Let’s go, Brandon!” and he says it “indicates a much broader problem.”

“Let that sink in,” he warns:

First up, “does every blue check demanding this guy be fired work for CNN?” It does seem so:

And, secondly, we will not take civility lectures from Joe Lockhart:

Not ever:

Good question:


And maybe Lockart hasn’t been paying attention to the news about the staffing crisis hitting airlines and such?

Maybe — just maybe — he should ask *why* these people who are necessary to our functioning economy are so pissed at the president:

Union members, please remember this as Dems turn on you. You don’t have to always vote Blue:

Maybe CNN should fire Lockhart for sharing the obvious hoax about the tiki-torchbearers in Virginia? Or, maybe, our “guess is many if not most at CNN are totally ok with it. Let that sink in”:




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