Watch this clip of Terry McAuliffe from this morning on “Meet the Press.” If you didn’t know the truth, you’d assume he actually sent his five kids to public school.

He didn’t, of course, but he wants you to think he did.


Here’s the transcript. Notably, host Chuck Todd just let him get away with it and didn’t challenge him:


[. . .] He’s ending his campaign on a racist dog whistle, just like he started the campaign when he talks about election integrity. But Chuck, we have a great school system in Virginia. Dorothy and I have raised our five children. Of course parents are involved in it. The question should be could an extreme Republican bill that would allow parents to take books off of shelves, should that be left in the hands of parents or should it be left to the school boards and others who do this every single day and focus on it?


They would argue that bill is not saying —

“So deliciously politician-y”:

And this sort of hypocrisy is why McAuliffe shouldn’t be governor:

*He* gets school choice. Everyone else? NOPE:

He keeps bragging about this, too: