As we told you earlier, Dems will redraw congressional districts in Illinois to create a map that results in 14 Dems to only 3 Republicans:

But they can’t even do this correctly. According to redistricting expert Dave Wasserman, Dems actually created three districts that are “close to toss ups in 2022” when they could have had 14 of the 17. districts as “Biden +10 more more”:

And a GOP strategist even joked to Wasserman that maybe there was a “Republican mole” in the room helping Dems make decisions:

But even with the Dem error, GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger is in trouble:

What an absolute “LOL” moment. Dems cheered this guy on as the kind of Republican we need in Congress and now they’re nuking him:

And what’s funny is Kinzinger seems surprised that it happened:

And they’re even blaming him for what’s about to happen:

Oh, well. Now he can focus solely on his career on CNN or MSNBC.