A lot of people are really, really mad at Donald Trump Jr. for this tweet we told you about last night where he said Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving “just sacrificed more than Kaepernick ever did” by refusing to get the COVID-19 vaccine to comply with New York City’s mandate:

Here are some of the examples of lefty blue-check hate at what Trump Jr. pointed out:

First up, this is the guy they’re calling selfish and worse? Because he’s the opposite of that:

But more importantly, what does Kapernick have to say about Irving’s decision? As far as we can tell, Kapernick has been silent about it. And from a search of Kaepernick’s Twitter feed, he has never even tweeted the word “vaccine” before:

He *has* tweeted about COVID-19. Twice. Both back in April of 2020:


Libs, hate on Irving all you want. It’s a free country. But you may not like what your hero has to say about it when or if he does talk about it.