T. Greg Doucette, a #NeverTrump conservative lawyer, is throwing ice-cold water on the idea that the January 6 Committee was ever going to enforce the subpoenas.

“It was always going to end this way,” he tweeted:

The problem, and Dems won’t like his explanation, is that Congress prefers it this way because it frees them up “to do nothing of substance, criticize whatever they want whenever they want, and continue to be feted as important”:

And he’s predicting the people on the committee will see it differently, but “it’s all 💩” until an expedited appeal is actually filed:

Doucette wants people to ignore Rick Wilson and focus on the real issue facing Dems, which is the calendar.

“Understanding how the federal court system works, and that nothing in it gets done in the 1 years and 3 months that the 1/6 Commission will continue to exist”:

Like Cinderella at the ball, poof. . .it’s gone:

He also says the DOJ won’t even prosecute even if a referral is made:

There’s just not enough time:

But there are some things Dems can get done:

Doucette gave an example of just how long this thing could take in the courts:

Sorry, Dems, it’s the math: