On Thursday, Florida Dem and potential challenger to Gov. Ron DeSantis released a report arguing that masks in schools are effective and “districts requiring masks resulted in up to seven times lower COVID-19 cases per capita than school districts that did not require masks”:

But her report is total garbage, as Florida-based epidemiologist Melissa Ward, PhD, MPH, was so kind enough to point out to her.

“The antidote to anti-science IS NOT a sloppy data dump with unclear methods & untested conclusions. JFC,” Ward tweeted:

And Ward said she will “prob end up voting for her but my god this makes my blood boil”:

New Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo also called out Fried for the study:

Basically, Fried was caught “cherry picking the best districts at the peak with masks and comparing them to the worst districts without masks”:

This alleged data scientist and former college professor adds that Fried “would have failed the grad school class I taught”:

Over to you, Florida journos. Time to call her out:

But we will point out that what’s making Dems really mad is that Fried ended up “muddying the waters” on all of this:

Good advice, but we doubt Fried will take it.