We know our major media outlets are based in New York City and D.C., but you’d think they’d be just a little bit curious on what’s going on in Louisiana in the wake of Hurricane Ida.

According to Entergy, power has been restored to around 39 percent of customers in New Orleans but. . .

. . .but this is a B.S. number as power is still out in places where Entergy says it’s been restored:


Check out this gaslighting from the power company:

They’re saying the power was restored but then they found other damage:

Entergy released a schedule on when power could be restored to other parts of Louisiana with some areas not getting up and running until the end of the month:

But if the 39% number is bogus, why should residents trust these other estimates in areas even harder hit?

According to officials, more damage was done by Ida than by Katrina, Delta and Zeta combined:

And, “We’ve never seen anything this large”:

So, they didn’t anticipate a major hurricane hitting one of the most hurricane-prone states in the country?