Candace Owens alleged last night that a private testing facility in Aspen, Colo. refused to give her a COVID-19 test because of what she’s said about the pandemic in the past:

She does have a point here. Why would they deny her a test as it’s in the interest of public safety?

She said in a video posted to Instagram that she decided to get Covid tested in Aspen ahead of an upcoming event that required a negative test result to attend:

And she posted the email from the facility where Owens was told to get a “back alley” test instead. Literally:

“The only other local testing option is the free kiosk by city hall. They mail their tests to Texas and have inconsistent result times, do not take appointments so its walk in only midday weekdays in their back alley”:

And here’s Owens’ response:

Keep in mind, Owens isn’t even mad that she was denied service by a private business:

“I literally do not care that she turned me down (as a private business)”:

And, “I very much believe in the freedom to choose. Just pointing out the great irony that when the ‘health employees’ begin choosing who is allowed to determine if they have covid— we are no longer in a public health crisis”:

And, yes, this is exactly what Suzanna is doing: