New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell just said at a news conference that there’s not enough time to order a mandatory evacuation of the city ahead of potential Category 4 Ida which should make landfall Sunday night:

Um, how much time does it take to switch the inbound lanes to outbound only traffic?

Watch for yourself:

According to Jeff Adelson, staff writer for The Times-Picayune and The Advocate, it takes 72 hours minimum to assist residents without transportation and 12 to 24 hours to implement the contraflow plan:

The worry is people are stranded on the roads once the storm starts:

Also, the city doesn’t need to evacuate everyone who doesn’t have transportation. What’s the plan for the most at-risk?

Meteorologist Brad Panovich added that the levee system post-Katrina is designed for a Category 3 storm:

Okay, but this is projected to be a Category 4 storm and they’re predicting overtopping:

Prayers up, New Orleans.