“You can’t make this stuff up,” is right.

Meet Emily Masters, a member of the Metro Nashville Public Schools board. Here she is 1. talking up teaching CRT in schools but 2. removing her mask in the middle of reading this paragraph because it’s just too uncomfortable:

So little kids are supposed to keep their masks on all day, like she voted for, but it’s just too hard for the adults?

But it’s actually worse. . .

Last week, Masters said the school board knows  what “is best for the students and teachers here in our district” in response to Gov. Bill Lee signing an executive order giving students an opt-out on masks, which Masters herself just took advantage of:

“I believe that this is a case where we have to exert that local control,” said MNPS Board Member Emily Masters. “We have to look at what we know is best for the students and teachers here in our district.”

And note the plexiglass panels between the school board members. The NYT reported last week that they “probably don’t help and may make things worse”:

Make it stop: