New models suggest Hurricane Ida is “poised to become a massive major hurricane” as it heads toward the Louisana coast, possibly making landfall as a Category 4 storm:

Here’s the latest track:

The Mayor of New Orleans has already ordered evacuations of people outside the city’s levee protection system:

Landfall is expected Sunday night:

And the NFL canceled the Saints game for Saturday:

Over to you, President Biden. What’s the plan? Because this is an area still trying to recover from past storms:

Gov. John Bel Edwards gave a briefing on the storm a few moments ago and also warned that it could make landfall as a Category 4 monster:

And he warned that people have about 24 hours to get evacuated:

President Biden has already granted a federal emergency declaration:

“This will be a life-altering storm for those who aren’t prepared”:

They’re also warning cities far inland to prepare for hurricane-force winds:

And they’re predicting massive rainfall totals:


The storm is moving fast which means everyone needs to prepare right now:

And buses are being staged to help with the evacuation:

Prayers up, Louisiana.


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