Twitter has suspended the account of Christina Pushaw, press secretary to Gov. Ron DeSantis, but they have not told her what tweet earned her the timeout for 12 hours:

We assume it had something to do with her very strong and 100% correct pushback on that trash AP article on her boss and monoclonal antibody treatments:

This looks to be her last tweet before the suspension:

Meanwhile, not only does the Taliban have accounts but the social media platform has no problem trending attacks on Sen. Lindsey Graham. This was from a few moments ago and is way worse than anything Pushaw tweeted at the AP and their employees:

All this has earned Pushaw a new nickname: The Mother of DragThems:

It’s just perfect:

We know what comes next . . . DRACARYS!


We’ll keep you posted if Twitter ever explains why they censored her.

Update 1

Why won’t Twitter say?


Editor’s note: This post has been updated.