Editor’s note: We mistakenly labeled the first photo in this post as being inside but it’s actually on his patio:

And we’ve changed the old headline: “Who’s the ‘schmuck’ now?: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Alexander Vindman spotted maskless for photo-op.”


As we told you yesterday, film star and former Governor of California told people to “screw your freedom” and that “you’re a schumck for not wearing a mask because you’re supposed to protect your fellow members around you”:

He means everyone *else* has to wear a mask because here he is with Alexander Vindman and neither of them are wearing one (the cigars are a nice touch as we get lectured to on what’s healthy):

You see, COVID-19 doesn’t spread during a photo-op:

Or when they let you play with a prop sword:

He’s right about one thing though: They ARE schmucks.