CNN’s John Harwood took to Twitter on Thursday to lecture everyone on the importance of wearing masks and getting vaccinated.

“Just stop screaming, calm down, be a grown-up and do what’s required to put the pandemic behind us,” he tweeted:

There’s just one problem with half of his tweet as there sure are a lot of Dems who are the ones not acting like a grown-up where masks are concerned.

Former President Obama, for example:

And D.C. Mayor Bowser at her birthday party:

Or at the wedding she attended the next day:

Gov. Gavin Newsom sent his kid to a camp with no indoor masking until he was outed on social media:

And here’s Miami-Dade Public School Superintendent Alberto Carvalho without at mask on while meeting with former tennis great Andre Agassi:

And if masks are so important, maybe Harwood can tell his colleagues in the White House to mask up while shouting their questions across a crowded room?

And on and on and on. . .