Republican Jake Ellzey is the projected winner over fellow Republican Susan Wright in the special election to fill the seat in Texas’s 6th congressional district which became vacant after the death of Wright’s husband, Rep. Ron Wright, from COVID-19 earlier this year:

Ellzey’s win is being called a “major upset”:

And the media is spinning it as a “huge loss” for Donald Trump as he endorsed Wright:

Wright was also pushed hard but the Club for Growth:

While Wright had Trump backing her, Ellzey had former Gov. Rick Perry and Rep. Dan Crenshaw in his corner:

As for this being a “huge loss” for Trump, keep in mind that this was a very low turnout election between two Republicans as the Dem was taken out in the jungle primary:

And there were “mysterious texts” being sent to Dems telling them to vote for Ellzey over “Trump candidate” Wright: