In the wake of media reports that her staff is “dysfunctional” and they “feel like s*it,” Vice President Kamala Harris and her husband hosted said staff at their residence for a summer BBQ on Thursday. Check out the photos:

But it’s clear that someone distributed the photos to the staffers are there are duplicates showing up on different staffers’ feeds.

Here’s the same one as above:

Here’s another. Top left. . .

. . .bottom left:

The hashtag to coordinate the message is a nice touch, too:

Maybe they’re mocking a video of Joe Biden and that’s why they’re laughing?

And this staffer can’t even keep his story straight. Harris clearly didn’t take the photo on the left because that’s her in the background. And the photo on the right isn’t a “selfie” if the VP took it:

And the obligatory group shot: