Former President Donald Trump and Logan Cook, a.k.a. pro-Trump meme-creator Carpe Donktum, socred a major victory today after the New York Supreme Court dismissed a lawsuit accusing them of misappropriating a video that showed a Black toddler hugging a white toddler:

If you recall, the original video showed the two toddlers hugging but the meme version was changed with a fake CNN chyron stating, “TERRIFIED TODLER [sic] RUNS FROM RACIST BABY” to make the point that the media was not reporting accurately on the president:

Watch for yourself via Inside Edition:

From Forbes back when the lawsuit was filed:

Twitter and Facebook both took down the “doctored video” and Twitter banned Donktum “for repeated copyright violations”:

The original clip, which went viral last year, actually shows the two toddlers running up to each other and hugging. (The edited video appears to be a satirical attempt criticize how the media takes statements out of context and reports on race.)

Both Facebook and Twitter took the video down after the parents of the children filed a copyright complaint, and before that Twitter labeled the video “manipulated media.”

Twitter late Tuesday permanently banned Cook for repeated copyright violations.

So, does Donktum get his Twitter account back now?

Over to you, Twitter: