Pennsylvania State Sen. Doug Mastriano, a major supporter of former President Donald Trump and a possible 2022 candidate for governor, has initiated a forensic audit of three counties, including Philadelphia, of the 2020 election and 2021 primary:

And he wants to use the Arizona audit as a guide:

His request includes “all ballots; mail ballot applications; mail ballot envelopes; voting machines; ballot scanners and vote-counting equipment; ballot production equipment; poll books; computer logs; computer equipment used through election process”:

But based on how long it’s taking Arizona to complete its audit, there’s a risk that this audit disrupts “a county’s ability to run an election”:

The Dem-controlled Department of State is calling on counties to ignore Mastriano’s request:

And, like in Arizona, Dems are threatening to decertify any voting machines handed over to the auditors, causing a major expense to taxpayers:

Next step? The courts: