Police in Arvada, Colo. confirmed on Friday that it was an officer who shot and killed Good Samaritan Johnny Hurley on Monday after Hurley had just shot and killed a gunman who had shot and killed another Arvada police officer:

According to the police, Hurley was holding the attacker’s AR-15 when he was shot by the responding officer:

From the AP:

DENVER (AP) — Johnny Hurley was hailed by police as a hero for shooting and killing a gunman they say had killed one officer and expressed hatred for police in a Denver suburb. But when another officer rushed in to respond and saw Hurley holding the suspect’s AR-15, he shot Hurley, killing him, police revealed Friday.

The disclosure helped clarify what happened on Monday when three people — Hurley, Arvada Police Officer Gordon Beesley and the suspected gunman, Ronald Troyke — died in a string of shootings in the historic downtown district of Arvada, an area with popular shops, restaurants, breweries and other businesses about 7 miles (10 kilometers) northwest of downtown Denver.

The Arvada Police earlier in the week called Hurley and hero and acknowledged more lives would have been lost if not for his actions:

However, no details were released on “any interactions between Hurley, the Good Samaritan, and the officer who killed him”:

Police says Bessley was ambushed by Troyke:

And that’s when Hurley stepped in:

A GoFundMe has been set up to benefit Hurley’s family:

And one for the fallen officer: