CNN’s Jim Sciutto, reporter *and* body language expert. Or something:

Note that Sciutto’s analysis relies on *his* interpretation of the video. Here’s a different photo of that same handshake:

He added that there were “no smiles from Biden or Putin” in a still image from the video of their pre-summit meeting:

Or maybe it was all smiles at the meeting? Sciutto seems to have missed this moment FROM THE SAME CLIP:

Not to be outdone, CNN’s John Berman commented on Putin’s “manspread”:

Sciutto later went on air and gushed over the handshake and how Biden looked Putin in the eye while Putin looked away, which as you can see from the video is not such a big deal at all.

“Putin immediately looked away” . . . toward the photographers TAKING THEIR PICTURE: 

Putin even waved goodbye to them! From the AP:

Dmitry Polyansky, First Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN, called out Sciutto for his fake news, telling him to watch the whole video:

The summit is only a few hours old and the U.S. coverage of it is already a clown show.