The terrorist group Hamas reportedly released a statement saying they appreciate Ilhan Omar’s “stance on justice, especially for Palestinians” but they also asked her in the future to “describe events ‘accurately'”:


Excerpt from Google Translation:

The recent statements of Mrs. Ilhan Omar, a member of the US House of Representatives, in which she equated the victim with the executioner, are very surprising, as she equated the resistance of the Palestinian people on the one hand, and the crimes of the Israeli occupation in Palestine and the American aggression in Afghanistan on the other.
We appreciate Mrs. Ilhan Omar’s stances in defending justice and the rights of the oppressed around the world, foremost of which are the just rights of our Palestinian people, but we deplore this unfair combination that is contrary to justice and international law.
The Palestinian people have been living under the Zionist occupation for more than seven decades.

Maybe she’ll frame it and put it up in her office?

And make no mistake, “this actually is cover for Omar”:

A legit “LOL” moment:

When even Hamas thinks you’re problematic?