Earlier today, Politico reported that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson President gave Joe Biden a framed photo of Frederick Douglass that was “printed out from Wikipedia”:

Now, as much as we want this story to be true. . .

. . .it’s not true:

The photograph is actually “of an image of Douglass from a mural in Edinburgh”:

“Too good to check”:

This is “…one of the all-time examples of an absurd story people ran with because it was, as they say, too good to check”:

The image of Frederick Douglass was painted by Ross Blair and the photograph was taken by Melissa Highton – a UK-US dual national.

Mr Blair told BBC Scotland he was surprised to receive a call from the Home Office a few weeks ago asking for permission to give the image to the president.

The street artist said: “It’s a great honour and a massive global platform.

“To think it could potentially be hanging on a wall in the White House is fantastic and very exciting. It is a great accolade and acknowledgement.”